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      Welcome to!  Silver King has been a manufacturer of quality boiler compounds for over 70 years



    Text Box: SQUICK  Boiler Cleaner/Inhibitor with Anti-Foam Silicone SK-24  
    Removes rust, oil and scale, stops  steam boiler surge instantly.  Removes free oxygen, inhibits corrosion.  Non    hazardous.  Contains no petroleum.  Gives fast pure dry steam.  Use 1, 5oz can for each 150,000 BTU's

Text Box: HYDRONIC FORMULA #5  Cleaner/Inhibitor with Silicone 2K-471  
Inhibits corrosion, removes sludge, frees stuck zone valves, protects and lubricates entire system.  Prevents clogging of automatic valves.  Safe to use in all boilers.  Quiets noisy boilers and circulators.  Contains no petroleum.  Non-hazardous.  Use 1 qt. for each 30 gallons of system water






   Text Box: SAFE BOILER STOP LEAK  With Silicone SK-24  
    Quietly stops leaks in all steel and cast iron boilers.  For both steam boilers and entire hot water systems, including baseboards, copper lines and radiant heat systems.  Safe to use in all boilers - contains no petroleum - will not surge - will not sludge submerged coils.
 Steam Boilers - Use 1 qt. for each 650' of radiation.
Hot Water Systems - Use 1 qt. for each 400' of radiation.






Text Box:                HYDRONIC CIRCULATOR OIL  Now with Extended Spout Highest Quality
    Lubrication for bearing assemblies, electric motors and generator sets - All purpose oil with 1000 uses on the job, home or farm.


    Text Box: BOILER SOLDER  
    Stops leaks in steam and hot water boilers.  Forms a water insoluble seal in old and new installations.  Contains no petroleum.  Stopping leaks in boilers & hot water systems for over 60 years.  
* Do not use in boilers with submerged coils - use SAFE Liquid Boiler Stop Leak.




 Text Box:            Silver King All Brass Force & Suction Pump    
    Double checked, all brass construction.  Injects chemicals into heating/A/C systems.
Opens Clogged Drains.
Empties Toilets & Traps.
Drains Plumbing Fixtures.
Hose Attaches to either End.

Text Box:             ICE-OUT -100  Non Toxic Anti-Freeze  
    For Boilers, Hydronic systems, hydrants, drinking water systems, solar-systems, vacation homes, pools & boats.  Protects to -100 when used at full strength.  Inhibited for corrosion free protection.



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